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The patent attorney's office which acts as the contact point for patent application and trademark application to China.

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BY International Patent & Trademark Firm paves the road of the intellectual property leading to all over Japan and all over the world from Nihonbashi in Japan.

Chinese intellectual property

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The patent application to China of BY is high quality and low cost

Chinese intellectual property

The number of Chinese patent applications is the first place in the world.

According to the announcement of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), it was China to have become the number of patent applications first place in 2011.

The population of China is approximately 1,400 million people. The company of all the countries of the world goes, and China is a higher country of technology development and production, and becomes the big market now for the world as well as Japan.
It is necessary to perform many patent applications to have the superiority technically in China. As a result, it is thought that the number of patent applications to China increases.

The attention to China rises. And acquisition of the right of the intellectual property in China expected to intensify in future.

Cost of patent application to China

However, a lot of costs is necessary to make many patent applications to China.
For example, the cost per one patent application to China in a general patent attorney's office is as follows.

Domestic office fee About 200,000 yen
Overseas agent fee About 100,000 yen
Translation fee About 200,000 yen

It takes approximately 500,000 yen in procedure for one patent application in total.

As for the application of BY in China, a domestic office fee is only a management fee.

Because BY cooperated with a Chinese patent attorney's offices, you can file one patent application to China with only a management fee, that is, at low cost.

If you take the same cost of filing patent application to China, in comparison with a general patent attorney's office, 100 applications become 151 applications, about 1.5 times.

General patent attorney's firm 1 application 50 applications 100 applications
BY 1 application 75 applications 151 applications

Furthermore, the fee of support for OA and assessment in BY is only management fees.

By BY China patent application service, our clients can execute an intellectual property strategy in China dominantly.

Chinese intellectual property system

Chinese intellectual property system

Patent system

There is not a great difference between the Chinese patent system and the Japanese patent system.
It acquires the right after you request a query after an application and it having passed through substance examination. The right period is 20 years from the filing date. And the application is exhibited 18 months after the filing date (the priority date).
The application language is only Chinese.

Utility model system

There is not a great difference in the Chinese utility model system and the Japanese utility model system. There is not the query system and it is registered only by method-like examination. After registration, if you want to execute a right, you request a report of assessment to China Patent Office.
The right period is 10 years from the registration date.

Design system

In China, there is not substance examination like in Japan. After having passed through preliminary examination (method-like examination), it is registered, and notification is carried out. Anyone can file for invalid request for a thing notified publicly.
The right period is ten years from the filing date, and the right period is different from 20 years in Japan.

Trademark system

The Chinese trademark system almost the same as the Japanese trademark system. It differs in that, after substance examination, the trademark application is exhibited. Passing during the 3-month period of the formal objection, it is registered without a statement.
In addition, it can appoint plural classes in one trademark application in Japan, but, in China, it can appoint only one class in one trademark application.
The right period is ten years from the registration date.

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